Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Gallery.

Spent most of yesterday trying to squeeze too many paintings into too small a space. Everything stopped when kids called to say school was closing and as I drove to fetch them it began to snow and the world turned magical. With coal on the fire, the last I think from Tower Colliery in Wales, the house was warm and cosily filled with cats in various melting poses.
Today I started working on a new gallery, The House of Golden Dreams. 
Now I want to clear space in my studio and settle my head to work and get my head around the gallery.
Walking the dogs today, Maurice came too. There were lapwings and to the delight of the dogs a great fox, fleet footed, with a dark bush tail. Now there are a few hundred lapwing outside my studio window. No snow. The rest of the country is being greedy and not sharing.


  1. england could share some of thier snow with connecticut, as well! congratulations on your new gallery.

  2. Yes we have PLENTY here in Bristol! :)

  3. The snow here is beautiful but it is not the same now that there are no ginger cats in our family; the sight of my ginger toms in the snow used to take my breath away! I do wish we could share the snow with you!