Wednesday, January 27, 2010

List 2.

1. Write list.
2. Stretch paper.
3. Pack angel with red wings to send to Scotland.
4. Pack painted horses and bears to send to Scotland.
paking bought but not yet got together with horses, so maybe tomorrow.

5. Draw out new piece for The Ice Bear.
6. Roughs for Nursery Rhymes and start page on website. Also update Icebear page.
thinking but no drawing done

7. Do blog posting.
8. Draw out the woodcock sprite.
9. Get lost in the labyrinthine delights and twilight world of pre gass-light Paris.
only briefly so far, but hoping that super guests go early so that I can find out more about The Well of Birds.

10. Don't forget to pick up kids from school. 
But did forget that it was parents evening and had invited two people round for supper.


  1. ahhhh- I'm overwhelmned by your list- hope you are sucessful and you can cross out #7 too ( unless you are just getting ready for another.)

  2. Glad I'm not the only one to include item number 1 !

  3. Every good mother forgets to pick up her kids at some point or other, I assume at least yours are now old enough to go for a coffee or something while they wait, and you are not confronted by irate teachers on your arrival!!!!!
    Good list, best to keep it to 10 items and not be too ambitious each day!

  4. Ah lists, I tend to lose mine. Like the sketch. Enjoy your supper.