Saturday, January 2, 2010

A day of birds, lapwing and fieldfare

As I walked back up to my studio and looked out of the window a flock of lapwings at least 100 strong launched themselves into the air.
All day they have moved across the field outside while inside my thought have been like bird's wings, failing to settle.
Fieldfare and lapwing. Winter birds. Beautiful.



  1. Amazing. Never had lapwings here, but fieldfares (and redwings) will turn up for berries occasionally when the weather is really cold.

  2. Lovely, we had a large flock of unidentifiable birds in the yard yesterday. I could not get out the door with camera in hand before they took off though. Hug Maurice, he desearves it.

  3. I'm in Canada watching a flock of snow buntings....close relatives of lapwings. They are more white, summer in the Arctic but think our current -20 is fine wintering weather. They land and take off as a flock, and when the sun shines on them, they look like broken bits of tin foil tossed in the air. The cats sit on the ironing board along the big window in my sewing room and watch them peck at the cracked corn I have thrown there.

  4. beautiful

    A flock of noisy Bohemian waxwings swirled overhead today..they fall onto any trees that are still loaded with berries (usally that means Rowans round here)