Sunday, January 31, 2010

Birds of a feather 2

Yesterday I watched as a geat white swan flew low across the winter landscape in early morning light. Blue sky, gold moor, white wings. They say that swans carry the souls of the dead to heaven. I hope so.


  1. This post sounds so sad, I hope all is well.

  2. There is something very sad about a solitary swan, especialy in flight. All well here though tired. And I am engaged in a dance with Maurice, a fierce dance of claw and whit. He has tablets now instead of injections as they will be better for him, I am told. But maybe not better for me! He does not like tablets. I may have to catch mice and pop them into them for him to disguise them!

  3. Your post did sound very mournful, and i immediately worried about Mr Griffiths...and Maurice. Jackie, there's something called "pill pockets" that you can put the pill in, and if the cat is an unfussy eater, he'll gobble it right up. There's also something called a "pill gun" or "pill popper" that enables you to get the pill into the cat's mouth and to the back of his throat where it'll be more easily swallowed...without getting your fingers bitten (this doesn't work with my Fuzzy, who then starts avoiding me, even at mealtimes, 'cause he knows i want to grab him to pill him. It does work well with the other three). Good luck!