Monday, January 4, 2010

Frost paintings on car windows.

Frost creatures danced in delight inside my car last night and painted icy patterns on the windows. On the hill the bones of heather flowers were kissed by frost making pools of white across the moorland by the sea. In the early morning sky the bright moon faded gradually as the sun came higher into the sky. The air was sweet and clear and bright sparkling cold.


All day taking the exhibition down at the refectory and now my arms and back ache and I want sleep, the house is full to overflowing with books and paintings and I really need to be making some marks on pieces of paper.
But the house is warm and cosy and beautiful.


  1. Warm, cozy and beautiful can be almost as restful as sleep. Especially with the cats for company.

  2. Enjoy the warm and cosy house and rest a while.... tomorrow is another day!

  3. Your photos are always so beautiful, I hope you get your well earned rest!