Saturday, January 30, 2010

List 5

An angel, a polar bear, the skull of a curlew, three chess pieces, a blue crystal, two hares and a heart.

A hawk.
A bright white swan against a clear blue morning sky.
A buzzard.
A flock of snipe, calling alarm calls as they rise.
Ravens and slate headed jackdaws.
A pair of foxes in a field and  a trail of bird feathers in the green lane that leads to the high hill top.


  1. Delicious as your lists are, I'm worried that you are not getting enough sleep! Posting at 3;16 AM!!! Or were you invited to be awake by cats? That's often the time when ours fancy a little light snack!!

  2. Have you had time to stretch the canvas or knit a bit today? I hope that the sky is clear enough for you to enjoy the moon tonight. I have only discovered your extraordinary blog this week - it is a great discovery!

  3. I was up at 3. 16, standing in teh garden, looking at the moon, then walking dogs around in the moonlight so bright that the cats glowed bright orange silver in its light. Then back to bed. Rosie was poorly, kept me awake, so that this evening when I should be in Narberth listening to Daniel Morden I haven't gone. Too tired to drive which made me quite sad. I wanted to go, couldn't face driving in the dark.
    But I think I have the time set wrong in my settings.
    And I still haven't stretched paper, or finished the bear pic but I did draw another out. Despite a head full of feathered things and hares I am really trying to stay focussed and get to teh end of The Ice Bear which needs to be proofed for Bologna book fair and go to press.
    Snipe are suffering from unquiet dreams tonight, rising into the glorious moonlight as foxes prowl, hungry and with a wish for wings.

  4. ps the view is from one of the windows in my studio.

  5. Pretty view...I love to look out at greenery :)

    Btw, I would love to know your method of stretching paper. I've had a few tries but not yet found the easiest way.

  6. Lovely collection on the window esp. the hares (I love their ears)
    We've just been watching the moon rise over the mountains up into the clouds a beautiful sight's 9 here so must be morning now with you

  7. I hope Rosie is on the mend--I can only suppose that she has ingested things that didn't settle well [?]
    Snipe are wonderful birds--the winnowing sound as they plunge from the sky and the beauty of their mottled eggs laid so carelessly in rough grass.

  8. "An angel, a polar bear, the skull of a curlew, three chess pieces, a blue crystal, two hares and a heart."--and Nadolig on the chair outside!