Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Woodsmoke on butterfly wings.

At night, in The House of Golden Dreams, while cats curl in sleep and storms rage outside, if you listen with your heart and ears you can hear
wolf breath
paw pad
dragon stir and shake
hares dance
bears claws on wooden floors
sometimes the beating of angel's wings, but rarely
a cello playing
the hush wing brush of a barn owl flight.
In the air there is a scent, of angels? Honey? Lilies? Fresh baked bread? Wild heather and honeysuckle mixed? Woodsmoke.
Yes, woodsmoke on butterfly wings. For somewhere in the night time gallery a woman dances to the music of dreams, slowly, in a dress that is a gathering of butterfly or moth wings. She is not alone. Careful paws wrap round her close but gentle, so as not to damage the dusty wings that clothe her.
Woodsmoke on butterfly wings.


  1. I will officially take myself off your 'lurking' list and introduce myself here! Your work is truly breathtaking, and I am now finding your words to be as beautiful as your paint strokes... I've been following your blogs for a while, soaking up the beauty of your life, surroundings, and art. Like the butterfly wings you mention, I find visiting fills my soul...
    Thank you for being you!
    Ulla in California

  2. truly beautiful writing jackie, painting wonderful pictures in my mind.

  3. beautiful beautiful words! I hope you will make a painting of this at some time.

  4. Just magical, beautiful words, bringing an immediate picture to mind. Wonderful!

  5. Images both delicate and substantial. There should be music in the background--maybe the cellos?

  6. i had to print this out, gave me goose pimples. thankyou Jackie x

  7. I always feel transported from the possible every day and mundane to the magical and lyrical every day of your world. Thank you again and always. Cara