Sunday, January 10, 2010

Painting Snow

Yesterday I found my grandmother's wedding ring. So small, gold, over 100 years old. As I slipped it over my finger I could see, in my mind's eye, the slight, frail woman, dead for more than 30 years, as clear as daylight. Objects hold echoes of all those who have touched them.
Walking with the cats as the snow began to fall my mind was full of characters. A man who sleeps beneath a quilt of live birds, small heart beats his lullaby. A woman who can tell the history of each object by touching it. A wolf faced gondolier in a twilight cloak of stars. Dragons.

Stacking logs, thinking of painting, wanting to write. Painting snow. 


  1. You have a beautiful imagination that draws vivid pictures in my head.

    I especially like the idea that objects hold echoes...places too I think.

    But can everyone hear them? or do you need a personal or family connection or some sympathy with the person in the past ?

  2. My wedding ring belonged to my husband's great grandmother; and the diamonds in my engagement ring came out of my great great grandmother's enagement ring.

    It connects me to all the women who have come before me.

    I think that anyone can hear the stories layered on almost any object -- you've just got to be quiet and listen.

  3. As a children’s bookseller on the west coast of Canada, I’ve been a big fan and promoter of Jackie’s work since I saw the incredible Lord of the Forest. I also enjoy Jackie’s blogs and website and find her gorgeous photos of Wales have a similarity to Vancouver Island. I was surprised to see your comment about recently finding your grandmother's wedding band. I was given my grandmother's wedding band a couple of weeks ago, which I didn’t know existed. The beautiful gold band is engraved with my grandparents’ initials and the year they were married - 1912. I slipped it on my right ring finger over top of the 10 year anniversary ring my husband gave me 15 years ago. Not only does it fit perfectly it looks like it belongs with the other ring. My grandparents died just before and after I was born and I’ve always been so sad that I never got to know these wonderful people. I love the ring and haven't taken it off since. It gives me a comforting, peaceful feeling. Cheers, Pat.

  4. I have my maternal grandmother's wedding ring--also small and delicate. (My grandfather couldn't afford much during the depression!) I treasure that ring. And when I hold it close I can feel the spirit of my grandmother near; a woman of seasides and woods--a friend to all God's little creatures. I often hear her voice whispering to me when the wind moves through pine needles.