Thursday, January 14, 2010

Books, Dragonflight, Cats and Time.

This morning I have travelled to Pern and inbetween. I have ridden on the back of a great golden queen. I have curled in bed while Maurice sang a morning song of praise. I have lived through another time and place and tasted the air of another world. Don't you just love books.
All these days I have been searching for a time machine while my house was filled with strange countries made of ink and paper where time exists in a different form, held between covers, waiting.


  1. I have curled in bed while Maurice sang a morning song of praise. ..... Brought tears to my eyes; so beautiful.

    This is how I feel about reading.

  2. Jackie...I just love the way poetry pours from you. Reading your blog every morning brings me so much joy. amy

  3. Jackie, I would like to report that I've finally received my copies of several of your books & Snow Leopard is simply divine. I'm a sap I admit; the illustration of girl & leopard head to head brought tears to my eyes. Your work is so inspiring. Thank you for creating it! xoxo to Maurice too.

  4. Brilliant! I always travel to Pern when I see your dragons!

  5. Beatiful words and images :)

    During the Christmas break I read bedtime stories to my daughter for the first time in a couple of years (she's 11). We discovered that you're never too old for some books. They were yours :)

  6. Your paintings are just wonderful! I realise you must be the artist of a fantastic Christmas card I was give a couple of years back, and saved - of chariots drawn by swans flying over a sort of fairytale landscape?

    So glad I have found your website.