Friday, January 1, 2010

Ssssh.... the world is hushed by snow.

It is snowing. Outside a hush has fallen on the world and great white flakes are dancing down to cover the earth. Inside is warm, logs all stacked and gathered and fire glowing, cats melting, curled on sofas, dogs in their beds. And I have been trying to work but now the evening light is enhanced by snowlight and birds rush to gather the last food before huddling in balls of feathers in cracks in walls, to keep warm. In my sketchbook, all the pretty little horses, in my head, the north wind doth blow and we will have snow, and what will poor robin do then, poor thing? And on the itunes, Lorena McKennit, world music with a medieval folk twist. Perfect.
Let there be snow tonight so the almost full moon can silver the world, let there be snow tomorrow to walk bright ginger cats across its white beauty.


  1. snow and a magical moon lovely

  2. Indeed, the snow has stopped though I still hope for more, but moonlight glows up from the ground and glistens as it should and the world looks magical and cold. Very still, ice, and even the stream seems to be hushing as the water thickens.

  3. Sadly we were promised snow here just before Christmas and it never came... and again we seem to have missed out, but tonight we have a bright moon shinning down on the glittering frosty fields making walking the dogs a magical place to be!
    Happy New Year!
    Jane xxx