Monday, January 11, 2010


Each night I go to sleep with the sound of lapwings calling across the fields, their dreams disturbed by fox and weasel, or just lapwing thoughts, conversations. I have my friend, Ann Humble, to thank, in part, for the quantity of birds as she has worked for years now in conservation, as a field worker and then in policy making, and one of their main projects at work has been working with farmers towards the consevation of lapwing breeding grounds. So, yesterday at supper she was telling me about a plan she was drawing up for conservation of the Welsh Clearwing.
She tells me that this is a rare creature, a moth with wings like a dragonfly and yet slightly flocked with soft dark veins. As she speaks about this moth her eyes shine and she paints a picture of the creature clear in my mind. Googling the creature I find there is also a Snowberry Clearwing.

Last night my dreams were filled with a moth like creature with a human face, not clearwings but wing like handmade paper, the size of a cat.  It was so beautiful, so cat like a moth, and yet it would live for only a day.
People ask often where I get my inspiration from. I would say, from people like Ann.

Later today I have an appointment with the bank manager. I wonder if I will find more inspiration there.


  1. Well Jackie, as most banker's don't tend to be too fanciful, I wouldn't hold my breath. However, if your's likes your work...them who knows.....perhaps ! Good luck :)

  2. Beautiful thoughts, so well written that fire imagination in others!!
    Good luck with the bank manager!!!
    Jane xxx

  3. Gosh what a beautiful moth...that would inspire me too!!!

    Lots of luck with the bank manager :) Sending *good juju your way* xx

  4. Lovely inspiration. Good luck with the bank manager!

  5. O, to have dreams like yours! I used to...maybe still do but don't remember them? I believe I should take a little book and pencil to keep at my bedside reading stand to record dreams when I wake.

    Your drawings are, of course, what mere mortals like I only dream of being able to make!

  6. Today Jackie, I was planning what we should be doing for the Spreading bellflower. To help it....well, spread!

    Also 'The Lobarion'. try googling that and you get a guy whose name is Lobarion, fanastic you have to love internet.

    I wonder what inspiration that will bring!