Thursday, January 7, 2010

A day of birds

Today is a day of birds. Early walking with the cats when a great peregrin, fluffed up against the cold, flew low overhead. Lapwings huddled close to hedge banks for shelter from the storm. Later as I watched a solitary lapwing in search of a flock saw a great gray harrier corsing the field sending song birds scattering. In the garden I put out food for the small birds, peanuts and seeds and cheese. They patterned the snow with delicate footprints.
Settling to work at last after days of restlessness.

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  1. While helping to clean house after my father's death in August I found the gold locket he had given my Mother about the time of their marriage. I, who so seldom wear jewelry, cherish that piece--and I do wear it. It is a memory of a time when they were young and hopeful, before they had disappointed or hurt each other.
    I think it is nearly impossible to separate these tokens from the reminder of their late owners.