Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This morning I have been too long lost in the great Rainwilds, seduced by the writing of Robin Hobb and I have too much to do. 
1. Ring publisher to see if yesterdays changes in the text on the first and final pages meet with aproval.
2. Stretch paper
3. sketch out a couple of roughs and then check with publisher which one to use.
4. Work on art to completion.
5. Avoid picking up manuscript by Robin Hobb as it is impossible to stop reading once you have begun.
6. Walk dogs.
Walked at Kath and Tom's through their woods and fields so that I wouldn't bump into anyone and could just be quiet in my own thoughts. The low winter sun was caught in thin branches setting fire to them with golden light. In the field across the ponds where showeller ducks swam, a heron stood sentinel. At sight of the dogs he lifted to a slow flapping flight. A harrier flapped a low flight across the golden moor. The dogs ran wild after fox scent and we watched the bright red dexter cows and bull munch crunch through hay. Coming home the sun set the clouds to blaze.
7. Pay electricity bill.
oops. forgot again.
8. Stay off the internet which is as slow as custard is thick.

and after a brief talk with designer at Frances Lincoln.
Luckily I counted my bears and realised just in time that there were only eight when there should have been nine.
So close to the end of this book now. With luck and some hard work I might finish tomorrow. The contract arrived today for "I Am a Cat". Good timing.
Now, time for a little escapism as I dive into the Robin Hobb manuscript again.


  1. I wish I could join you in the Great Rainwilds...

  2. I am a master of Avoidance!

  3. Your list just served an extra function ...number 7 made me think rude word I better pay ours (I'd forgotten it...oops)
    actually 6,7 and 8 apply but 8 is because it totally stops me getting anything done rather than because it's slow

  4. Few things feel as good as ticking items off a list.