Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lists x 2

1. On the beach this morning:
pattern drawings in sand, water and light
golden splinters of shells
reflective dogs
birds over waves like an elegant string of feathered beads, hunting jewel bright fish
clear air, salt on lips

2. On the beach this evening:
stones smoothed by the sea's touch
snipe and turnstone
ancient bones of long dead trees
my children
clear air, salt on lips

And in the woods they climbed the tree, woven by the sea wind, and sat like sprites in its cradle branches.
Back home, supper looked beautiful. Sweet, rich and spiced.


  1. What a wonderful day you have had - and the supper looks superb! What was it Jackie? Have an equally wonderful day tomorrow.

  2. The exquisite words you use are so descriptive. I'm lost in admiration. The dog reflection somehow makes me think of a Bushman painting in a dim cave.