Wednesday, February 3, 2010

List 6


1. Finish all four paintings and draw out two more.
( The presses are booked and I have to get the artwork finished for designer to work on otherwise the publication date will have to be moved back. The paintings are all for The Ice Bear)
2. Finish book.
3. Have a bath.
4. Stretch paper!!!!
5. Talk to accountant!
6. Wash up.
7. Knit, even just a little bit.
8. Walk dogs again on the beach at twilight when the tide will be out and the moon will be coming up and the beach will be wide, wide, wide. 
9. Supper for kids.
10. Don't forget to pick kids up from school. 


  1. These paintings are so beautiful they make me want to cry, I can't get enough of looking at them. What book are they for? I must have it.

  2. They are for The Ice Bear Fiona, and if I can get them all finished then it should be published in the autumn of this year. It is about a boy who is a bear also, about lost children and choices and has a raven who is maybe good, maybe bad. Will go back to the post and put a link through to the page on my website where there is more of it.
    I don't usuallyhave so many paintigs 'on the go' at one time but am trying to pull all of these together over the next few days.

  3. Ravens are enigmatic aren't they although round here when they gather they can become a bunch of raucous comedians...although my sister thinks they are sinister... at times plotting and gossiping and leaving mysterious gifts in the back garden. (I was most puzzled at the gifts until I realised that the cronking Raven sitting on top of the telegraph pole was the culprit)
    Good luck with your tasks

  4. Washing up - what a waste of time it is, in the same way that ironing is (although I know some people find that soothing and therapeutic). With both activities, no sooner are they done than the items that have been washed up / ironed are dirty / creased again. So how far have you got with your list today? We don't have ravens here, but many rooks whose conversations I love to hear, particularly when they are nesting, or making their way homeward in the evening. There are hundreds of them in the rookery, but I have no idea where they spend the day - someone, somewhere must have undertaken a study of how far they travel from their roost. We never see more than two or three together (unless there is ploughing or muck spreading, then you see them in large numbers, prodding the ground with their amazing beaks) but I am intrigued by how so many can virtually disappear all day and then return, it would appear, all together at dusk.

  5. We love the boy surrounded by bears (my son is four and he definitely wants this book, Can You See A Little Bear is already a favourite in our house).

    Oh, and me too with the knitting - it's so weirdly relaxing. I got the most fabulous book today - Blankets and Throws to Knit by Debbie Abrahams - possibly a bit beyond my knitting skills just yet, but I can dream!

  6. The ICE BEAR paintings are quite wonderful! No surprise there, though... your work is so beautiful, Jackie. The book will be to the book people in time - sometimes we have to put things on hold to complete major projects. Always difficult decision when we have to make decision between things we love to do, isn't it. I'd say scrap seeing the Accountant, but the consequences of that wouldn't be pretty.

  7. Thank you for the link Jackie. The paintings are awe-inspiring. It will be a truly wonderful book and I will be first in line to buy it.