Wednesday, February 3, 2010

List 7

1. Maintain radio silence on facebook in attempt to find more minutes for painting in.
Failed miserably as drawn into a thread on Meg Rosoff's page.
2. Knit, even a bit.
3.Paint, finish the mother and child piece and if possible the father, mother and baby piece.
4. Sign The Seal Children books for Dubai school trip.
Curiously defeated in signing the correct number as 5 out of 19 books were printed upside down. Note to publisher. Print books the right way up.
5. Go to meeting at school for Dubai trip.
6. Make fire to chase away the cold and damp of the day.
7. Talk to accountant and send off papers in the post.
8. Do blog stuff, including links to John.
9. Draw Evelyn's dragon.
10. Stop making lists. 


  1. Your accountant asked me to remind you about item 7
    (lol sorry couldn't resist my dad was an accountant ..a very nice one mind...not ruthless, so not rich, but a very nice chap)

  2. Beautiful painting Jackie...
    I love all the tiny details like the painted skins and the beads hanging from the cradle, and especially the gorgeous baby all wrapped in furs...