Friday, February 5, 2010

Dream list

1. Dream of unicorns.
2. Dream of pirates, Conrad, and a ship with wings.
3. Dream of riding a horse, bareback and shoeless, by the edge of the sea.
4. Dream of hunting, with cheetahs and hawks, in silks and gold brocade.
5. Dream of river music, warm sun, the scent of honeysuckle.
6.Dream of dancing close on the bridge of stars that arc the earth.
7. Dream of riding the great gray wolf through the dark forest night, in the company of owls.
8. Dream of Icarus, before.
9. Dream of waking into birdsong.
10. Dream of dreaming.


  1. love your list. I have just found your blog...your work is so beautifulxxlynda.

  2. My, don't I have stupid boring dreams compared to yours! Oh, you meant waking dreams, well I do entertain similar ones then.

  3. I love lists and make them all the time!
    I dream of my half term and a week of catching up with family and friends!

  4. I really wish my dreams were made of all the things you wrote. Mine last night were full of triffids and driving the car through a flooded field, with a river threatening to engulf me! Perhaps I need to relax a little more. And I wish I had time for daydreams - on relfection, I definitely do need to relax....

  5. i had the strangest dream last night of three little puppy dogs. Very odd - our new family member Dylan the Dog is fun and excitement enough for now - don't think we need any more!