Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday: or What to do when you realise you still have one whole spread left to paint and you need to get the art in the post by Thursday

We had to be up at 7am, at Porthclais by 7.30. I woke in the night to hear rain thundering on the roof. Heart sank. Then the alarm went and by the time I was in the car and heading off I realised that although all around clouds billowed the sun was shining on a golden morning. I begin to fear that Tom Sutton is some kind of a weather wizard.


By the time I had walked up and off to the end of the cliffs above the harbour the boat was way away, a tiny line near the distant rocks.

The sun painted the rocks gold. Still not happy about the rough I have for the art on the last page and also there are too many words and time is running out for making changes. Sometimes just getting away from it can make things click in to place. 
Around me ravens flew and suddenly something just came into gold light in my head. So now I have to try and see if it also fits on paper.

Back home the wind is from the east southeast. Time to paint.


  1. beautiful pictures, hope that last spread is coming togetherx

  2. Breathtaking! Hope you manage to get your spread completed on time!! Jane xxx

  3. Oh my, is that your weather vane? I would have to be outside all the time just so I could stare at it :)

  4. love the weather vane
    Good Luck is being sent with the wind

  5. Beautiful photos. I do hope that the last bit of the book is now working.

  6. OOOhh, Jackie! How nice to have a weathervane of your work! Mine is a flying pig, so I'm not unhappy with that.
    The boat pictures are awesome... do you row, too? I used to be part of an eight, but prefer a single.
    I'm glad the light has come through for you - close deadlines are a rough spot.