Monday, February 8, 2010

List 11, in no particular order of importance.

pack painting and books for Erin
Pack Walking the Big Cat painting
packed and posted and on the way to Scotland
stretch paper
make supper
blog the rats
draw out last but one spread for Ice Bear
When does a deadline become something else? I have until the end of Feb to get the art to the publishers so that the book can go to press and be published this year.
investigate flotsam and jetsam
post painting for Erin


  1. Congratulations to Pixie (and you, of course!)on the contract.
    The Secretary still cannot comment on all blogs so we're trying this one.

  2. Love the special parcels - the string, little cards, seal - so much detail and thought. I must order something from you one day so I can get one of these...

  3. That list looks satisfyingly near completion

  4. So what will they all do whilst you are away in Scotland - have your ginger clan the same culinary skills as Orlando in the wonderful Kathleen Hale books? An illustrator who also recognised thebeauty of the ginger cat and whose illustrations never fail to delight me.

  5. sorry, realise that having a cold and not concentrating made me read that you were going to Scotland with the paintings!