Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday ( ? days of the week can be so confusing sometimes)


Two days of headache and pain and wallowing in self misery seems like a poor reward for finally finishing The Ice Bear. But I found peace of heart and soul walking at Tom and Kath's through their beautiful young woods where clumps of snowdrops grow. I saw a heron, shoveler ducks and buzzards and their tiny black lambkins, just born.
( Also a great deal of peace of mind knowing that I have several things to invoice my publishers for).
The house is peaceful tonight with cats and dogs filling the sofas by the fire, and I am going to go and join them with the Robin Hobb manuscript which is technicaly work but feels mostly like pleasure.
Have fingers crossed that The Musicians Benevolent Fund may commision a couple of mug designs as well as the card this year.


  1. Friday nights? Wonderful - usually weekly motorway drive from Blackpool back to Bath! But I was cheered by hearing of your visit to the snowdrop wood - sounds fascinating as do the black lambkins . . . I hope you get good news about the mugs.
    Best wishes

  2. Thanks for the snowdrops, Jackie! It will be a while before they appear here in the US Midwest, so your photo's a welcome preview.

  3. Beautiful snowdrops
    Hope you have a relaxing evening/weekend :0)

  4. Ah! The feeling that comes with being finished.
    My cats, having read of the Gingers' "gifts" have decided to bring me presents, too.(The skinks no longer count as gifts as they catch so many of them!)

  5. Oh, the snowdrops, just so gorgeous.

  6. The pain of headache [migraine?] can be a dreadful burden. A walk and a rest by the fire with the cats and dogs has to be as good as therapy can get.

  7. Sorry to hear about the headaches...
    The unexpected glipmse of a buzzard, hawk, heron , owl etc... always gives me a lift of the heart too... like a resonation of the spirit to wilderness - mountains do it too...

    Anyway, enough rambling! I just strayed across a very clever and enjoyable writer's site full of clever words that I thought you (and others) might enjoy...

    Hope the headaches improve :)

  8. Endings are always stressful and sad. If I remember correctly, you were also headachy as Starlight was winding down. Happily, there is much to look forward to.

    I hope the mug commission comes through -- I'd love to have a set of four.