Thursday, February 25, 2010

Golden things


 On the beach today.
A flock of jackdaws lifting into sunlight, underwings black gold in the rising sun.
Three pied oystercatchers followed around the rock by three dark shadowbirds that mimick their every move.
Transient drawings by birds' feet, by worm trails, in sand.
A small, fast, beautiful golden dog.




Things I have done today.
1. Walked on the beach, early, in sunshine.
2. Painted some, but not enough.
3. Stacked logs after delivery of two tonnes. So far only 10 wheelbarrows full. Enough for one day.
4. Rediscovered Josh Ritter's Hello Starling on shuffle.
5. Helped to release a jackdaw that had fallen down the chimney in my neighbour's house.
6. Spent the day with a hen wandering round inside my head trying to get out onto paper. Higgeldy Piggeldy, my black hen, she lays eggs for gentlemen.
7. Investigated heraldic unicorns.


  1. #5 sounds like a story , esp. for the frightened bird! starlings are such pretty little birds.

  2. Lovely; the first picture, with the daffodils soaked in sunlight made my heart sing! And of course, who can resist a dog looking up into your face/camera? Priceless.