Thursday, February 11, 2010

A group of three lists


On the beach today, sunshine and the shadows of dogs, ice, a raven, underwings made gold by early morning rising sun.
From the studio, birds:
bright speckled redwing in winterbone branches
lapwing, brought close again by cold, small splashes of white in green fields
four swans flying landscape-low, blue sky
and sheep, heads down, cropping fresh grass.

In the studio, sketches for last but one painting of the Ice Bear.

And in the emails a request for permission to blog using some of my images from Ora in Romania. If her writing in Romanian is as beautiful as it is in English then I am honoured. This is the email she sent me to let me know that the posting was up.

"Here is the post using your beautiful images The text is a sort of  poem in prose, with different layers, mainly about how we borrow one another's breath from time to time, breathing the same air, from humans to the most fragile bird, mingling in a common fluid and bound by the invisible thread of shared lives. I'm sorry if it sounds incoherent, but it is built on metaphors (like the breath of the rabbit on the moon or the lesson of hibernation, decreasing the blind speed and making things more visible than through the usual rush)."



  1. I love the shadow of Anubis (as it seems to me!)
    And the beautiful tone poem from Romania.
    And perhaps you have seen this artist's work?
    Now, draw that bear!

  2. Beautiful poem from Ora... such lovely writing. Love the sketches too. Can't wait to see the paintings!

  3. I love the shadow dog. Like a re-invention of the phrase 'black dog'. I really enjoy your blog. Best wishes.

  4. The beach seems to inspire you. As always, love the drawings.