Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wednesday ( at least I think it is, though I wanted it to be Tuesday)

Ths morning it looks as if all the stars that fell to earth have collected in my garden. It sparkles and shines with wonderful frost. The air is crisp-clean, sharp. I am hoping that this will be the last day that I am working on The Icebear. The original deadline was July 2009. I think I missed that one. Next book is September 2010, which I think is when Icebear is due for publication. 64 page book of nursery rhymes, and I want to run Pixie's book alongside that.
But for now I want to walk on the beach and watch the world come once again to light. 

Later on the same Tuesday that is Wednesday
Walked up the hill with cats instead as the car refused to be defrosted. The cats were all fluffed up in thick winter coats.
Remembered from yesterday's list that the elecricity bill was still unpaid so when the sun had warmed away the ice I set off to St Davids and became distracted by a healing bowl from Nepal. My studio looks like a homage to Jalimali and now has this wonderful resonant healing bowl that sings.
In about one or two hours time I will have finished The Ice Bear. Given that I wrote the story about three years ago and have spent over a year working on the art for it it has been a long haul and to say the least I feel somewhat strange.

I need to find out more about these bowls. They hold a magic in them.

Now that it is late- there is still about an hour of fiddling around to go on this, and I took the photo in the darklight of night, but almost there. Almost, not quite, nearly. Difficult to know sometimes when to let go. 


  1. It's still dark here ...
    Good thought/Luck is being sent on the wind

  2. I've had a lot of posts to catch up on and I feel so inspired by the beauty of your illustrations and photographs. Your Ice Bear is stunning and such a privilege to watch it taking shape. I watch a lot of blogs but this is one of the most consistently gentle and beautiful.

  3. Your final Ice Bear painting is beautiful.
    Such expressive faces you've given those bears, and the wonderful delicate colors of the icy landscape. Congratulations on completing it!