Saturday, February 6, 2010

List no. 9, a somewhat prosaic collection of things that need to be done.

1. Make list
2. Hang work in The House of Golden Dreams
3. Pack picture ready for delivery from The House of Golden Dreams
4. Pack dragons for Hertfordshire
5. Stretch paper

about time too. I usualy stretch my paper onto a wooden board, not a drawing board from an art shop as they are so expensive, but some fairly thick plywood taht I have scrubbed first. I use wide gum tape and before I start sretching I get 4 pieces the right length. Then I shut myself in bathroom with paper, board, tape. I have to shut myself in otherwse I have cats supervising me. I soak the paper under the bath tap. You can soak it overnight to ensure that the maximum amount of water has gone into the paper, but this is a bit purist for me. Then I hold the paper by one corner to drain off the excess and when it is just drip drop dripping I lay it on the wood, trying to lower it on so as not to trap air pockets. Then starting with a long side I use dampened gum tape to stick it down. Then I leave it, flat, to dry. Most times it works ok. It is a chore but it means that the paper stays flat when the painting is dry.
When it is dry I brush off the cat hairs and scribble and colour in all over it.
6. Walk dogs along the beach, morning, evening
7. Paint

A parcel from The House of Golden Dreams, waiting to be delivered.


  1. I've been browsing through your blog. You are so talented. I love your art.

  2. Heh heh! Cat supervision. Oh yes, familiar with that!
    Jackie,Geiger and Sporran tell me the comments at the Gingers' blog are not loading; just letting you know.I think they were chuffed to see their card in the photo!
    Lovely to know Glyn has so many well wishers.