Monday, February 22, 2010


In an attempt at making a more achievable list today's will be shorter.
1. Paint
2. Read at least one Megan Lindholm story.
3. Walk dogs.
4. Smile.
oh and 
5. Make list.

And meanwhile, as the sun comes up on a new day, serenaded by blackbirds, I have been hanging work in The House of Golden Dreams, artwork from Starlight Sailor.

Feeling a strong need to draw today.

Things to make me smile.
1. It is snowing and so quiet that I can hear each flake as it falls.
2. Orange cats fluff up in the cold and look brighter, like flames, in snow.
3. The house is warm, with a coal fire glowing, still burning from yesterday.
4. I have time to draw and too many ideas.




  1. This seems a "doable" list!
    I meant to ask you, have you read any of these?

  2. I tried Wold Brother. It should be right up my literary street. But there was something about the language and rythm that didn't sit right in my head. My Tom loved it, and all the others in the series. Maybe I will give it another go. Sometimes books just catch you at the wrong time. I know I tried Possession by A S Byatt three times and at the third attempt absolutely found myself swept away in it.

  3. Yes, it does need a "right" moment sometimes. I bought the book in a "cheapies" bin, intending to start it on the plane. Read it right through! Then, at home, a year or so later, I read it again, from a writing viewpoint and really appreciated the depth of research and detail.

  4. Just one short of 100 followers! Your blog is so different to what you did on your website for all those years, but it has grown on me very quickly. I love the photography and the . . . lists!