Tuesday, February 2, 2010



In my old journal I would always start each month with a picture of my desk. This morning, in the dark light of dawn, my desk is waiting. I need to put long hours into finishing this book now, move through to the next one. And then it will be time to tidy my studio and play a little with some of the image sthat begin to crash around inside my mind's eye demanding attention, if they do not wander off to find another artist to make them.
Apart from The House of Golden Dreams there is only one other gallery that carries my work. Reading this blog post by John, at The Imagine Gallery, makes me realise why.
Almost finished The Coral Thief, and today I hope to punctuate my working day by losing myself in the gardens in Paris where a leopard and a polar bear have been taken to the menagerie as wild animals are banned from the streets and the guillotine rules, Lucienne sleeps and Naopleon shares a painted plate decorated with an ibis with a small child called Betsy on St Helena. Mr B's promised history, mystery and the wonders of the natural world and have delivered all and more.


  1. There is nothing I like better than a picture of your studio! I can look for ages at all the little details, always the salt pot, sometimes malteasers, always a beautiful mug (yes, I agree, life's too short to drink tea out of cheap cups!)....the studio kind of reminds me of your digs up in the attic, was it Trevor's mums house? Delving deep into the recesses of my memory here! But I should be getting ready for work - and as I pass 'Winter Caravan' on my way out, that's going to take another half-an-hour!

  2. just wondering, what sort of music is played in that den of yours, if any?

  3. Are you trying to get me listing again!
    Yesterday it was mostly Rory Mc Leod. Today radio 4. Often Lorena McKennit, Cara Dillon, Karine Polwart, leonard Cohen, Rosh Ritter, Bjork, Kate Bush, The Frames, David Gray, The Swell Season, Hem, Po Girl, Coco Rosie, and more, many more, The Mescaleros, Alabama 3, Annie Lenox, Heidi Berry, Bob Dylan, Christy Moore, Planxty.......

  4. Some of those "ring a bell". There are so many great artists waiting for us just to tune in. i'm currently doing just that through deezer. I type the name of an artist I like (alela diane, lhasa, joseph arthur, keren ann...) and listen to the smartradio related to that artist and compiled by other users. Lots of great artists oout there!