Monday, February 22, 2010

List 13: or an attempt to divert myself from being seduced by an angel.

1. Pack up the last four pieces of the Ice Bear and send them on their way.
2. Walk the dogs at the beach, morning, evening.
3. either a. tidy up studio and set up printer.
    or       b. paint something, just for the joy of pushing some coloured water around.
4. Roughs for Nursery Rhymes.
5. Invoice publisher.
6. Roughs for cat.
7. Blog, sort out books pages on website.
8. Hang work in The House of Golden Dreams.
9. Try not to be too seduced by angels.

Angel and trumpet and hare sundial by Jeremy James

10. Tangle up head with thoughts of dragons ad snowdrops and lockets and love, ruins and seasong and tears that turn to flowers, winged horses and Icarus, wild things and dog races.
11. Try and work out logistics of delivering paintings to Shropshire or Hereford and Newcaslte.
12. Watch the moon grow.
13. Do roughs for mugs for MBF. 
14. Stretch paper.
15. Painting that want to be made.
a. Ravens with gold leaf
b. Running faery dog
c. Winged creatures
d. Winter hare circle
e. House of Golden Dreams
f. Harebell hare circle
g. Tangled bears
h. Sleeping swan
hare drawings 
horse drawings
wild dog race
and much much more
oh and
15. Make list.


  1. Your list, although long and no doubt overwhelming to you, sounds so exciting and creative to me. Mine consists of such mundane items as : get tax returns to IRS, VAT return to be done, update cash books, clear mail box, car to dealers for service - you get the picture, I'm sure. Maybe somewhere at the weekend I'll fit in a bit of photography!

  2. I want to watch the moon grow with you! I love your to-do list; you have inspired me to create such a one of my very own. Though the seduction of angels runs deep...their beauty is mesmerizing.

  3. I'm so sorry I don't visit your blog more often, Jackie. The problem is that whenever I do, it takes me hours to get away. Sculptures, paintings, links, HELP!!! I want to take home that little kingfisher sculpture and the owl painting too.......