Saturday, February 13, 2010


Have driven to Haverfordwest to post a dragon to Sweden and buy cat food. In Haverfordwest I bought a custard slice, Hannah's favorite, from the Snowdrop Lane bakery and realised that I am missing the kids having looked forward to some peace and quiet. Returned to find the manuscript for the new Robin Hobb/ Megan Lindholm book waiting in the porch.
Displacement activities over, time to paint.


  1. I'm so rubbish as commenting on blogs lately...I must do better!

    Robin Hobb manuscript *drools*
    Do Dragons prefer travelling by post do you think? Maybe they have a chance to sleep on the way. :)

  2. I'm also drooling. I can't wait for Dragon Haven to be released! Is it the last volume of the trilogy?

  3. That Ice Bear cover is looking fantastic!
    Can't wait to see it published...

  4. Wonderful memories of Snowdrop Lane pasties for lunch, warm from the oven. Living too far away now so will have to wait until our visit to the Dru in May.

  5. The dragon has arrived. She is most beautiful and I hope she will like her new Lair.