Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Silver fox, parcels, Dubai, a polar bear and an amber heart.

Almost finished and today I posted the package to Scotland and then crossed fingers. Feeling a little lost and difficult. Hannah goes to Dubai on Thursday. I have two and a half paintings to do to finish The Ice Bear and then the books should be finished, though the text needs a little adjustment and I don't know what I am going to do for the last spread yet. Nothing like running the difficulties right up to the line on something.
Listening to Woman's Hour on Radio 4 today and there was talk about silver fox fur being glamorous in the 30's. Made my little fox who haunts The Ice Bear quite nervous. I find that fur only has glamour when attatched to a live animal.
It is always a difficult place to be at the end of a book and this one feels rather like the end of an era. Not sure why.
I want to draw running hares and may have to give in to this desire before the end of Ice Bear. As it is I am going to have to read through my own words and take them for a long walk to try and find the right image. Elusive, elusive, elusive.
Meanwhile, in a corner of my studio, a polar bear, a sea urchin found on the beach and a tile from a friend in America.


  1. Sometimes, when we are so close to a subject for so long, we need to go off on a tangent before finally "letting it go."
    Well, I know this is true for me! Terrible butterfly brain, I start new projects so completing others will not be such a void.
    Not much help, am I?

  2. It looks as if the urchin is a sea potato - we find them sometimes on beaches here, and on Scilly. When alive they look like little tufts of brown doormat material! When dead and dried they are delicately beautiful.

  3. No, you are a help Dinah. I have things that I really want to move on to, so I do want to finish this book. But also I want to go away for a few days when it is done, to visit my parents and go to Bath and London aybe to see the van Gogh exhibition and see my publishers.
    And I want to draw, and walk and paint a thing or two for me. To sit and read. To just sit and do nothing, not read or listen to music or chase a story. Sit. In quiet peace of mind.
    And yes, I think it is a sea potato. It s very rare to find a whole one here as the sea breaks them to fine porcelaine shards.
    Will push on tomorrow and try and get another piece drawn out while paintings lurk, trying to decide if they are finished.

  4. The Ravens are obviously planning a party for when the book is done...

  5. I imagine the End Of Book feeling is similar to when we are done reading a good book - you hate to let go of the characters, the time and place. When you have created them from your own thoughts, how much harder it must be to leave that world.

    Val, thank you for the link above! What fabulous pictures, especially the Northern Lights, which I've always longed to see.

  6. Jackie...your paintings are beautiful as always but i especially adore the one with the northern lights...captivating!

  7. thanks amy. I can't tell you what a struggle it is sometimes and this painting has made my heart sink more than once. So hard trying to paint something as mystical and illusive. And thanks so much Val for the links to the ravens. Beautiful.

  8. The colours of the rainbow
    The shapes they do unfurl
    If only you might find the time
    Then we could have a whirl

    Be my valentine